Thursday on Capitol Hill

The House is not in session today, but the Senate will be. The Senate still must resolve passage of the Sandy Disaster Aid package, deal with attempts to modify the Senate filibuster rules, and take up the House passed debt limit extension, something Majority Leader Harry Reid has agreed to pursue. Before adjourning, the House… More »

Wednesday on Capitol Hill

The Senate and the House are both in session today with the House expected to take up and pass an increase in the nation’s debt limit through May 19th, with provisions requiring both the House and Senate to pass budget resolutions–something that has not happened since 2009. If the budget resolutions are not passed, the… More »

Tuesday and Capitol Hill goes back to work

Both the House and the Senate are in session today with the House considering H.R. 307, a bill to strengthen the government’s ability to respond to pandemic health threats. The House Ways and Means Committee will also be meeting today to discuss raising the nation’s debt limit. The House may take up legislation later in… More »

Friday Report From Washington

Neither the House nor the Senate are in session today. House Republicans are continuing their annual policy retreat in Williamsburg, VA. Meanwhile the Cabinet Member churn continues with indications that the Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu will announce his plans to resign from the Cabinet early next week. Speculation was already brewing about possible… More »