Who We Are

HBW Resources, LLC (HBW) is a government affairs, advocacy, public relations, and communications firm exclusively focused on traditional and renewable energy, environment, conservation, technology, and transportation issues.

Focused on creating and executing innovative PR, communications and public policy campaigns and strategies, HBW has a well-earned reputation for successfully navigating through the intersection of government, business and politics. HBW fuses its broad expertise to ensure organizations master their challenges, catalyze opportunities and achieve success.

HBW Resources understands that every client has different needs.  Our approach is to build robust, customized strategies designed to meet the individual issue, scale and scope.  We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach like other firms. We work closely with you to identify goals and priorities, and create efficient, built-for-purpose blueprints to achieve measurable success. Then we execute quickly, and become a seamless part of your team by sharing our expertise, counsel and connections to meet your goals.

Our team knows that your reputation is your most valuable asset. That means speaking clearly to your essential audiences, enhancing and protecting your reputation at every step. Communications is baked into every single strategy we develop, right from the start. Our goal is to strengthen every organizational initiative by ensuring coherent, transparent, and accurate communications from the right messengers in the right channels – from the broad audiences of social and traditional media, right down to a face-to-face audience with the one person you need.

Our DNA is bipartisan, and our approach reflects that history of seeking valuable alliances that unite, not divide. The proof is in the more than 300 successful campaigns we have run since 2005, through established organizations or built-for-purpose coalitions.

We represent Fortune 500s, small start-ups, emerging technologies, trade associations, and non-profit organizations in front of Congress, federal agencies, state governments and legislatures, city and county governments, journalists, academia and non-governmental organizations.

Our core strength is expertise across the energy sector, from traditional to renewable. We represent wind, solar, nuclear, hydropower, oil and gas companies, as well as companies in their value chains. Our environmental and conservation experience complements our balanced energy advocacy, and helps clients demonstrate greater public value. In other areas, we lead conservation advocacy strategies that protect landowner rights, help build greater outdoor recreation opportunities for the public and improve wildlife and fisheries habitats.

We join all our expertise into meeting your challenges, large or small.

HBW gives you all the energy and environmental expertise you need under one roof.


  • Energy and Power
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Land Use
  • Environment