U.S. Senate Energy & Natural Resources Cmte. Passes OCS/Export Legislation

Before breaking for the August recess, the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voted 12-10 to pass the Offshore Production and Energizing National Security Act, which among other things would expand offshore oil and gas leasing opportunities in the Atlantic (Virginia to Georgia), Eastern Gulf of Mexico, and Alaska, extend offshore energy revenue-sharing beyond… More »

BOEM Announces Release of Environmental Study Reports

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has announced the release of 5 reports and associated technical summaries that were uploaded to the agency’s Environmental Studies Program Information System between April 1 and June 30, 2015. The reports/technical summaries cover topics including the post-Hurricane Katrina/Rita impacts of OCS activities on public infrastructure, services, and population in… More »

BSEE Participates in SEMS Forum

BSEE recently announced that Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) Section Chief Stan Kaczmarek delivered a presentation in Houston at the Ocean Energy Safety Institute’s forum on “Taking SEMS to the Next Level.” Kaczmarek’s presentation address the background of SEMS, SEMS objectives, and possibilities for continual improvement.  On the latter point, he addressed hazards analysis… More »

National Ocean Council Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary of National Ocean Policy

In a recently published blog post, White House National Ocean Council Co-Chairs Christy Goldfuss and Dr. John Holdren celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the National Ocean Policy by sharing their views on the “considerable progress” that has taken place since 2010 to “make this Policy a reality.” Among other things, they note that the National Ocean Policy… More »