Public Affairs Firm HBW Resources Incorporates Wexford Strategies and New Staff, Widening Scope and Expanding Client Reach

Houston, TX — February 12, 2019 — Representatives from HBW Resources, an integrated strategic consulting and advocacy firm, and Wexford Strategies, a government affairs and issue advocacy firm, announced this week that they would formally be incorporating Wexford Strategies into HBW Resources to expand services and offer more distinct client solutions in the areas of… More »

Industry Data Needed to Address Flawed Methane Rule

Source – Newsmax We hear it time and again: “Regulations should be based on sound science.” But so often, they are not. A glaring example of bad public policy based on a lack of scientific data is the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Quad O Methane Rule,” which amends the New Source Performance Standards to reduce… More »

Trump’s Energy To-Dos: 100 Days And Beyond

I read recently that energy and politics have always endured a love/hate relationship. I can’t say I disagree. During the previous administration, it was more the latter. The Obama era and its endless array of regulations were anything but pro-business, repeatedly hindering an industry that was making strides to better its environmental footprint and strengthen… More »