Upcoming Fracking Vote in Burns, NY

Despite a current moratorium on drilling in New York state, the town of Burns is looking to pass a ban on hydraulic fracturing before the end of the year. The Evening Tribune reports that “Vote counters believe there are at least three voting members in favor of the fracking ban, although there is currently a vacancy on the Burns town board as a result of Dennis Rawleigh’s resignation. An appointment to the seat is expected to take place in the coming weeks.”

A public hearing on the law is likely to be held in October. In July, New York Court of Appeals upheld the right of localities to limit fracking through zoning laws, complicating any potential repeal by Governor Cuomo of the state-wide fracking moratorium. The verdict “may invigorate local challenges to fracking in other states and convince the industry to stay out of New York even if Cuomo allows drilling. Pennsylvania’s highest court issued a similar ruling last year, striking down portions of a state law limiting localities’ ability to regulate drillers,” according to Bloomberg.