Two Fracking Initiatives Make CO Ballot

Two anti-fracking initiatives in Colorado have reportedly garnered enough support to be included on the November ballot. The Washington Examiner reports that Coloradoans for Safe and Clean Energy have gathered more than the 86,105 signatures needed to put the measures up for state-wide vote.

Initiative 88 increases setback requirements for new oil and gas wells to be at least 2,000 feet from any occupied structure in the state while initiative 89 would give precedence to local fracking laws over any state-wide regulation. Both of these efforts are backed by Representative Jared Polis, who earlier this month defended the initiatives despite arguments from Governor Hickenlooper that the measures would “risk literally thousands and thousands of jobs.”

Meanwhile, the Colorado Community Rights Network has stopped collecting signatures on ballot initiative 75, which “would have allowed cities to ban any for-profit business that community leaders didn’t want to see in their towns,” according to the Denver Business Journal.

The deadline for collection of signatures to be included on the November ballot is August 4.