Friday in Washington

Friday in Washington: With Good Friday upon us and another week of Congressional recess to go, Capitol Hill is relatively silent this Friday. However, Fridays do tend to be favorites for releasing unpopular rules, and new sulfur standards for gasoline are expected to be released today. Despite the recess, we expect a number of Members… More »

Thursday in Washington

Both the House and Senate are in session today. Without a real plan for how to address the $85 billion sequestration, it appears the cuts will go into effect. House Republicans met in closed session yesterday for over an hour to discuss the next steps and how to deal with the next looming financial crisis:… More »

Tuesday in Washington

The Senate is in session today. Having passed the $50.5 B supplemental appropriations bill for victims of Hurricane Sandy (62-36), the Senate is set to consider the nomination of John Kerry to serve as the next Secretary of State. The Senate will then turn to consideration of the House passed debt limit increase which requires… More »