Colorado Fracking Bans Face Uncertain Future

Challenges at the municipal level in Colorado have raised questions about the ability of the state to regulate drilling in “home rule” localities.  Residents of Lafayette, CO filed a suit against the state, Governor John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association in an effort to enforce the town’s ban on fracking. As RT reports: “The class-action lawsuit filed… More »

ND Tops GDP Growth Ranking

North Dakota once again ranks highest in GPD growth in the U.S. What’s responsible for this increase? As CNN Money reports, it’s “oil, oil and more oil.”  Shale oil production has skyrocketed in North Dakota’s Bakken Field, bringing in over 1.77 billion in revenue for the state’s Legacy Fund. And output isn’t slowing anytime soon. The North Dakota Economic Development Corporation… More »

New Round of Ads Target “The Fracking Crew” in NC

Nine national and state-based environmental groups led by significant funding from NRDC have now formed the N.C. Environmental Partnership to increase public opposition to fracking in North Carolina. Prior to the recent passage into law of the Energy Modernization Act, which lifts the statewide moratorium on fracking, the coalition launched a series of TV ads,… More »

Naples, FL Votes to Ban Fracking

The Naples Town Board voted to make permanent the town’s temporary ban on fracking starting this summer. The rule will take effect once the state approves the local law. The ban further prohibits the storage, treatment or disposal of waste produced through fracking. This measure comes after a Texas company was discovered using enhanced recovery… More »