Weld County Leads in Employment Increase

A boom in energy production in Weld County, CO led to the largest percentage increase in employment in the U.S. in 2013. Oil and gas exploration in particular have boosted employment and revenue, with the oil and gas industry paying half of all taxes in the county in 2013—around $264.7 million. Construction in Weld County… More »

Mora County, NM May Reverse Fracking Ban

Changes in the membership of New Mexico’s Mora County Commission may mean that a law banning fracking in Mora County could soon be reversed. Elections for the Mora County Commission took place on June 3 and Commissioner John Olivas, who led the effort to ban fracking in Mora County, was replaced by George Trujillo, who… More »

NY Assembly Votes to Extend Fracking Moratorium

On Monday the New York Assembly voted to extend a state-wide moratorium on fracking for three more years. According to EcoWatch: “Full passage of the moratorium now depends on the New York State Senate and, ultimately, Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The Associated Press reports that the Senate is unlikely to address the issue before adjournment later… More »

Sovereign Suit against Broomfield Will Get Trial Date

A date will be set within the next week for Sovereign Oil & Gas’s suit against the town of Broomfield, CO’s five-year moratorium on fracking. The suit is one in a series of challenges to Colorado’s fracking laws and comes on the heels of a legislative proposal from Governor Hickenlooper that would prohibit bans on… More »