Monday in Washington

The Senate will be in session this week while the House is in recess. The Senate is expected to take up the House-passed debt limit extension and the Sandy supplemental this week. The Senate may also take up Senator Kerry’s nomination, and hearings will begin on Senator Hagel’s nomination to serve as Secretary of Defense…. More »

Friday in Washington

Neither the House nor the Senate will be conducting votes today with the House in recess and the Senate’s next vote not scheduled till Monday. The Senate resolved its internal dispute over Senate rules and the use of the filibuster by limiting the use of such procedural tactics on motions to proceed to the consideration… More »

End of First Week of the 113th Congress

Following the swearing in ceremonies and the opening of offices, Congress is likely to finish the first week of the 113th Congress by bringing up a disaster aid package for states affected by Hurricane Sandy. Once the House acts, the Senate is expected to approve the measure. There will also be a joint session of… More »