Senate Nuclear Option Exposes Lack of Experience While ENR Considers Increased US Oil Production

Tuesday in Washington: Lack of Experience Starting to Show: Following three hours of deliberation in the Old Senate Chamber last night, the Senate continues to struggle with an effort brought forward by Majority Leader Harry Reid to change the Senate rules with respect to filibusters of political nominees.  Proponents of the change say it is… More »

Congress Reviews Increased Domestic Oil Production Effects on Energy Prices

HBW Energy & Politics Daily Update Monday in Washington: Despite the procedural standoff unfolding in the Senate, this will be a very busy week on Capitol Hill. Hearings and markups in both the House and the Senate on energy legislation are planned.  In the Senate, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee will review the impact… More »

Thursday in Washington

Spring in DC: Both the House and the Senate will be in session today. The Senate continues its deliberation of a gun control package with the potential of a cloture vote later in the day. Senators Manchin and Toomey have offered a compromise amendment to the package that would protect gun owners’ rights while limiting… More »

Thursday in Washington

Thursday in Washington: Neither the House nor the Senate are in session and most offices are functioning on a skeleton staff with religious holidays occurring this week. Most focus continues to be on same-sex marriage arguments going on at the Supreme Court. Other Items of interest: IMF Report Highlights Government Subsidization of Energy According to… More »