International #Shale #Energy Development: Challenges & Opportunity

International Shale Development Report Composed by Bo Ollison ( Below is a summary of key news and events occurring around the world impacting the use of hydraulic fracturing for extraction of unconventional oil and gas resources from shale formations.  While shale development in the United States has moved forward rapidly due to private land and… More »

Government Set To Shut Down While Congress Continues To Bicker

HBW Resources DC Energy and Politics Update As the week opens, Congress continues its brinksmanship over a completely avoidable government shutdown.  House Republicans continue to demand the inclusion of some form of prohibition on the implementation of Obama-care.  The Senate stripped the original defunding language from the bill and passed the continuing resolution, sending it… More »

Pennsylvania: The Epicenter of the National Hydraulic Fracturing Debate

HBW Resources Review of Shale Development          Pennsylvania: the epicenter of the national hydraulic fracturing debate By Bo Ollison–Senior Policy Director, HBW Resources OVERVIEW The dramatic increase in domestic natural resource development over the past few years has been largely due to the innovative process of hydraulic fracturing. According to the Energy… More »

Controversy Erupts Over #GHG Coal Regs While #Congress Dithers on Gov’t Funding

HBW ENERGY AND POLITICS UPDATE Today in Washington The planned recess this week for House members is being cut short as congressional leaders haggle over a legislative package to keep the government funded through the end of the year.  The Senate will be in session all week, and the House will return on Wednesday.  The… More »