Voodoo Economics

Repeatedly, we are seeing stories about how certain (primarily linear) projects make no economic sense (see link below).┬áTransCanada has been dealing with lies and mis-truths on Keystone XL for some time now but this trend has come to Canada. In this case, new BC Green MLA Andrew Weaver asserts that the LNG projects being proposed… More »

Too many BANANAs

http://www.vancouversun.com/business/bc2035/Opinion+Whoever+wins+election+must+prepared+fight+BANANA/8301396/story.html Most who know me have heard my reference to the BANANA phenomenon before – Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone. Vaughn Palmer, a longtime columnist for the Vancouver Sun, wrote the linked editorial yesterday with respect to the BC election campaign. I’m intermittent on his stuff but in my opinion it is the best… More »