November 2014 Fracking Report

  New this month: With Pennsylvania governor-elect Democrat Tom Wolf heading for Harrisburg in January, industry anticipates he will act on a campaign pledge to pursue a 5 percent severance tax on Marcellus drilling. Ohio voters in Youngstown, Gates Mills and Kent rejected measures that could have resulted in fracking bans. Meanwhile, Athens passed a ban measure,… More »

Denton, Texas Voters Approve Fracking Ban

Yesterday, Denton voters approved a ban on fracking within city limits by a margin of 59% to 41%. In the case of a ban, mineral rights holders announced that they were prepared to challenge the measure in court. Delays in permitting have already made the city a target of legal action. The Associated Press reports that… More »

Study: Dangerous Chemical Levels Found Near Fracking Sites

A study published on Thursday concluded that air tests conducted near natural gas wells in five states showed dangerous levels of carcinogenic chemicals, including benzene and formaldehyde. US News reports that “Eight poisonous chemicals were found near wells and fracking sites in Arkansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wyoming at levels that far exceeded recommended federal… More »

Ohio Well Ruptures Week Before Voters Decide Fracking Fate

A fracking well in Bloomingdale, Ohio ruptured early last week, forcing about 400 families to evacuate their homes until air tests around the well were completed. The well is run by a subsidiary of American Energy Partners, who brought in Halliburton-owned emergency team to shut down the well and prevent gas leaks. As of October… More »