Hickenlooper and Polis Reach Drilling Compromise, 4 Ballot Measures Dropped

Representative Jared Polis and Governor John Hickenlooper have come to an agreement that will result in four of the fracking-related initiatives being dropped from the November state-wide ballot. This includes initiatives 88 and 89, which would have increased setback limits and allowed municipalities to ban fracking. As part of the compromise, Hickenlooper proposed that “an… More »

Santa Barbara Counsel: Fracking Ban Would Be Costly

According to Santa Barbara attorneys, a ban on fracking could come at a large expense to county residents. Measure P could potentially ban any “high intensity” drilling methods, including fracking, cyclic steaming and well acidification in Santa Barbara County. Opponents argue that the language of Measure P is broad enough to threaten existing production in… More »