Colorado Fracking Bans Face Uncertain Future

Challenges at the municipal level in Colorado have raised questions about the ability of the state to regulate drilling in “home rule” localities.  Residents of Lafayette, CO filed a suit against the state, Governor John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association in an effort to enforce the town’s ban on fracking. As RT reports: “The class-action lawsuit filed… More »

St. Tammany Seeks Counsel on Fracking Ban

On Thursday the St. Tammany Parish Council passed a resolution to seek legal counsel on potentially blocking the issue of all drilling permits and instituting a ban on fracking in the area. This move comes after opposition to fracking in St. Tammany caused Helis Oil & Gas, LLC, to forego horizontal operations and propose a… More »

Beverly Hills Bans Fracking

Beverly Hills has become the first city in California to ban fracking. The City Council unanimously passed a ban that will go into effect on June 6. “‘It’s just the sense that industrial processes such as mining and oil drilling really is not appropriate in Beverly Hills,’ [city spokeswoman Therese] Kosterman said.” Read more from… More »