Public Forum on Fracking Ban Held in Norman, OK

Hundreds gathered in Norman, Oklahoma gathered to listen to a panel explain the basics of fracking and how municipalities can work to ban the practice. David Slottje with the Community Environmental Defense Council was present to explain how organizers in places like New York have instituted local fracking bans. According to StateImpact Oklahoma, “that’s when… More »

CO Activists Take Aim at Polis, Food and Water Watch

A compromise between Governor John Hickenlooper and Representative Jared Polis that resulted in two anti-fracking measures being dropped from the November ballot has left environmentalists unsure of their next move in the fight against fracking in Colorado. Energy In Depth reports that “activist infighting” resulted in an op-ed by Thomas Alan Linzey of the Community… More »

Ft. Collins Fracking Ban Invalidated by District Judge

In a decision on Thursday, a district judge invalidated the Ft. Collins, CO fracking moratorium that was a result of a city-wide ballot initiative. The case was brought by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA), who argued that Colorado’s Oil and Gas Conservation Act superseded any local legislation that prohibited drilling, a line of… More »

COGCC Drops Lawsuit Against Longmont

Last week, Governor John Hickenlooper and Jared Polis announced that they had come to an agreement that would result in four fracking-related initiatives being dropped from the November ballot. As a result of this compromise, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission voted to drop its legal challenge to the City of Longmont’s fracking ban…. More »