Monday in Washington

Monday in Washington: The Work Continues: Congressional hearings on the FY2014 budget will continue this week in both the House and the Senate.  The Boston bombings and subsequent manhunt along with the Ricin attack on the Senate did not stall the first week of budget hearings, and as they go on longer, more details of… More »

Tuesday in Washington

Tuesday in Washington: Prayers to the Families and the City of Boston: While Members of Congress and the public await additional briefings and information on the bombings, both the House and the Senate will be in session today.  Following the tragedy in Boston, the legislative agenda for the week will be in flux.  However, Committees… More »

Thursday in Washington

Spring in DC: Both the House and the Senate will be in session today. The Senate continues its deliberation of a gun control package with the potential of a cloture vote later in the day. Senators Manchin and Toomey have offered a compromise amendment to the package that would protect gun owners’ rights while limiting… More »

Wednesday in Washington

Wednesday in Washington: Both the House and Senate are in session today.  Senator Reid filed cloture on gun control legislation now before the Senate last night, setting up a potential vote and test of Republicans’ willingness to filibuster the measure by Thursday.  A compromise is rumored to be close between Senator Manchin and Senator Toomey… More »