Ft. Collins Fracking Ban Invalidated by District Judge

In a decision on Thursday, a district judge invalidated the Ft. Collins, CO fracking moratorium that was a result of a city-wide ballot initiative. The case was brought by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA), who argued that Colorado’s Oil and Gas Conservation Act superseded any local legislation that prohibited drilling, a line of… More »

COGCC Drops Lawsuit Against Longmont

Last week, Governor John Hickenlooper and Jared Polis announced that they had come to an agreement that would result in four fracking-related initiatives being dropped from the November ballot. As a result of this compromise, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission voted to drop its legal challenge to the City of Longmont’s fracking ban…. More »

Hickenlooper and Polis Reach Drilling Compromise, 4 Ballot Measures Dropped

Representative Jared Polis and Governor John Hickenlooper have come to an agreement that will result in four of the fracking-related initiatives being dropped from the November state-wide ballot. This includes initiatives 88 and 89, which would have increased setback limits and allowed municipalities to ban fracking. As part of the compromise, Hickenlooper proposed that “an… More »

Longmont Fracking Ban in Violation of State Law

In a decision handed down earlier this week, a Colorado District Court ruled that the town of Longmont had no legal authority to enact a voter-approved ban on fracking within its boundaries.  “The Court finds Article XVI of the Longmont Municipal Charter, which bans hydraulic fracturing and the storage and disposal of hydraulic fracturing waste… More »