EPA’s McCarthy Makes Her Debut, Senate Considers NLRB Nominees, & Moniz Testifies

Tuesday in Washington The Final Push…Until September:  The House will be in session today and will begin consideration of H.R. 2610, the FY 2014 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill.  It will then move to consideration of a number of bills under suspension.  These include: H.R. 2094,the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine; H.R. 2754, the Collectible Coin… More »

This Week: #Senate Takes Up #Energy Efficiency & #KeystoneXL Legislation While House Limits Regulatory Authority of Gov’t

Monday in Washington Do Nothing Congress…Not So Fast This is the last week of business on Capitol Hill before Congress goes on its annual month-long August recess.  Apparently concerned about the “do nothing” label of this Congress, the House intend to pass a large number of bills this week before adjourning.  House leadership intends to… More »

Joint Ocean Commission Initiative Issues Priorities For Administration & Congress

The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative recently announced the release of a new report titled “Charting the Course: Securing the Future of America’s Oceans,” which urges implementation of 11 recommendations in furtherance of the following four actions: Enhance the resiliency of coastal communities and ocean ecosystems to dramatic changes underway in our oceans and on our… More »

Senior Interior Official Discusses Future Potential Arctic Lease Sales

EnergyWire recently reported on comments made by then-Interior Deputy Secretary David Hayes at a Platts Energy Podium news conference where he announced that the Interior Department (DOI) will soon seek public assistance on the identification of regions in the Alaskan Arctic that contain the most promising oil and gas resources and those regions that are ecologically fragile and important to Native communities. Hayes… More »