Sovereign Suit against Broomfield Will Get Trial Date

A date will be set within the next week for Sovereign Oil & Gas’s suit against the town of Broomfield, CO’s five-year moratorium on fracking. The suit is one in a series of challenges to Colorado’s fracking laws and comes on the heels of a legislative proposal from Governor Hickenlooper that would prohibit bans on fracking at the local level. The Daily Camera reports:

 “Sovereign is suing, claiming an agreement it had in place before the measure was approved by voters in November should be exempt from the moratorium. Sovereign in 2013 planned to drill new wells in Broomfield, but was not able to because of the passage of the moratorium.

 Sovereign is expected to work with the Broomfield court in setting the trial date the end of this week, but the trial likely will not be for six to 12 months, if not further in the future, said Broomfield city and county attorney Bill Tuthill.”

 There will be a moratorium on fracking in Broomfield until a judge reaches a decision in the case. This would not include non-fracking drilling operations on the town’s 97 active wells. In the event that Sovereign wins the suit, Broomfield’s City Council has already discussed the possibility of hiring oil and gas inspectors.