Key Services

Strategic Planning, Consulting and Advocacy
Rapid access to knowledge and experience is crucial. We offer goal-oriented solutions to our clients, delivering results through efficient value-creation processes and reliable networks.
Regulatory & Economic Analysis
The business world is increasingly impacted by overlapping and often colliding regulation from every level. our experienced teams help clients find safe footing for their operations.
Idea and Solution Generation
To deliver results, creativity must connect with a deep understanding of today’s business world. We offer access to a deep
pool of talent with proven record of helping organizations break through.
Policy and Political Counsel
Business thrives under clear rules and even-flowing cycles. We contribute to our clients’ growth by defining foreseeable scenarios and finding market opportunities.

Cross-Practice Services

Third-Party Outreach and Education
Whether it is engaging public officials or arranging a town hall with local leaders, we reach target audiences and speak on the record about our clients’ needs and issues.
Issues Analysis
We understand the value that information and knowledge have for managing teams; our reports and analysis are assertive and targeted tools capable of breaking down complexity.
Government Lobbying
We build strategic relationships for our clients throughout all levels of government, enhancing business reputation among decision-makers and protecting companies’ license to operate.
Pricing StrategieS
We help our clients find the right market for their products by assessing the value, demand and competitors, defining a price, and developing a near and long term strategy.
Conducting Advocacy Campaigns
Mobilizing people and groups to support specific issues demands the unique skill combination we provide: a strong network, education, outreach, and communications skills.
Grassroots/Grass Tops Coalition Management
Championing policy issues in the public arena require coordinated action and strong allies; we identify, educate and motivate constituents and leaders to strengthen our clients’ efforts.
Corporate Communications
We know how much a well-crafted message, the right tone, and communicating coherently across audiences can enhance reputation; and this is what we do for our clients.

Made-to-Measure Services

Commercialization of Products
Our teams integrate with our clients to brand the company’s products and services before the business community and government leaders, creating new opportunities.
Capital and Investment Formation
To secure our clients’ expected results, we focus on near and long term goals, identify a growth path, and develop strategies to increase competitiveness and sustainability.
Event and Conference Management
Events are a key component of business. they contribute to leveraging networking efforts, reaching potential clients and exchanging ideas: we deliver quality results, on-time and on-budget.
Product Incubation
Through our combined talents and experience across industries, we help clients go from concepts to delivery, ensuring the ideas are translated into quality products.