September 2015 Fracking Report


New this month:

  • Colorado: The Colorado Supreme Court will hear cases challenging local fracking restrictions in Longmont and Fort Collins.
  • Florida: Several bills have been filed in the Florida state legislature in preparation for the 2016 legislative session.  SB 166 calls for a statewide fracking ban, while HB 191 seeks to limit local control of fracking regulation.
  • Ohio: The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the anti-fracking Athens County Community Bill of Rights cannot appear on the November 3 ballot.
  • Michigan: University of Michigan researchers recently completed their three-year study of high-volume fracking in the state.  The group offered state officials several options for mitigating the impacts of fracking.
  • Nebraska: Members of the state legislature are conducting hearings to investigate the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s recent approval of a fracking disposal well.  The legislative committee is currently considering a bill that would revamp the state’s process for reviewing fracking waste and transfer waste water well permitting to the Public Service Commission.
  • North Dakota: State officials recently voted to extend the deadline requiring operators to reducing flaring at well sites.  Operators will now have until November 1, 2016 to reduce natural gas emissions by 85%.