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Transportation & Infrastructure

As global economic centers rebalance, industry processes change and trade patterns shift, identifying infrastructure demands and devising new models of transportation is crucial to ensure resources and products are delivered on-time and on-budget. HBW Resources weighs the impact of policy and regulation on industrial processes and trade to ascertain infrastructure needs and transportation solutions. We put forth models that meet our clients’ operational goals, ensure communities’ safety and create windows of opportunity for business and industry growth.

In today’s interconnected economy, resources and industrial processes need not be limited by transportation or infrastructure. HBW Resources’ long-term focus and involvement across industries essential to our economy’s turning points result in distinctive solutions and services to enable new opportunities.

Lee Forsgren – Of Counsel

“Advances in energy, vehicles, pipelines, materials and technology are moving incredibly fast. It’s been a long time since the world saw a transformation such as the one we are living today, where everything that seemed to be well-established can now be challenged with ever-improving technologies; rethinking problems is necessary if we aim to innovate and come up with ideas that actually change things and not just fix problems. The full potential of the advances being made today can only be achieved by on-par infrastructure, and will only become global if we provide transportation solutions. Our team at HBW Resources helps clients conceive, plan and implement ideas capable of achieving this.”