Practice Groups

Strategic Market Development

Defining a market, creating a price strategy and knowing how to engage potential customers is essential to translating innovation and technology into successful products. HBW Resources’ expertise and connections across government and industries help companies pinpoint the market demand for their products. Combining our networks’ reach and deep marketplace knowledge, we hold an undisputed position to identify business opportunities and help grow our client’s products and service offerings.

Whether it is breaking through industry barriers, moving into new segments or expanding the products and services application towards new activities, HBW Resources offers companies and startups an encompassing service that combines cross-industry knowledge and practice with state of the art marketing and financial tools to identify key markets.

Paul Looney –
Executive Vice President for Strategic Development

“We have worked in countless projects across industries and markets, together with companies differing in strategies, cultures and styles; this experience, combined with our deep pool of talent, translates into a unique vision of how interconnected markets are, and the multiple bridges available for companies to make their own path. We know that each organization is unique and believe its strategy for growth should be equally unique, relying on its products, resources and capabilities; our work with every client is based upon this belief.”