Practice Groups

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

HBW Resources recognizes that integrating environmental and social values into business best practices is key to managing your risk profile to better capitalize on economic and financial opportunity. Financial analysts, portfolio managers, and investors are looking beyond traditional financial statements for a complete picture of how companies create value over the long term. For that... More »

Energy & Natural Resources Development

All energy and natural resource development companies, whether they are well-established or start-ups, face new challenges and a constantly changing landscape.

Association Management

Building sustainable relationships within and across industries and economic sectors, getting ahead of change patterns, constantly monitoring critical information and enabling collaborative work is crucial for associations to successfully serve their members.

Policy Advocacy & Public Engagement

Being ‘in the room’ is decisive when it comes to working with policymakers. HBW Resources has a bipartisan team experienced in dealing with all levels of government, and the expertise to translate on-the-ground access into value for our client’s needs.

State Affairs and Outreach

Championing policy issues in public debates requires a broad network to identify the strongest allies. At HBW Resources, we specialize at building and maintaining relationships with key decision-makers and policy-influencers. Our strong geographical presence has allowed us to connect and engage with state-elected legislators in over 20 states.

Corporate Communications

Effectively framing an argument provides a tremendous advantage in any public policy debate. HBW Resources works with its clients and strategic allies to develop effective messaging and delivery vehicles that tell compelling stories capable of mobilizing key stakeholders.

Transportation & Infrastructure

As global economic centers rebalance, industry processes change and trade patterns shift, identifying infrastructure demands and devising new models of transportation is crucial to ensure resources and products are delivered on-time and on-budget.