Officials Witness Skimming Vessel Test at Oil Spill Research Facility

The Interior Department’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) recently announced that BSEE Oil Spill Response Division Chief David Moore and U.S. Coast Guard Office of Marine Environmental Response Policy Chief Capt. Claudia Gelzer and Lt. Commander Wes James viewed a 42-foot long skimming vessel test at BSEE’s National Oil Spill Response Research and Renewable Energy Test Facility (Ohmsett) in Leonardo, NJ.  The test represented the largest vessel test ever conducted at Ohmsett.

According to the announcement, the vessel shipped from France was placed in the tank in order to test the vessels’ oil recovery rate.  Following the test, one of Ohmsett’s test engineers met with the group to discuss oils and dispersants used during research experiments at the facility.