NY Assembly Votes to Extend Fracking Moratorium

On Monday the New York Assembly voted to extend a state-wide moratorium on fracking for three more years. According to EcoWatch:

“Full passage of the moratorium now depends on the New York State Senate and, ultimately, Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The Associated Press reports that the Senate is unlikely to address the issue before adjournment later this week.

 ‘We thank the Assembly for listening to the medical experts by overwhelmingly passing a moratorium on fracking to protect New Yorkers from the devastating health and environmental impacts,’ Alex Beauchamp of Food & Water Watch and New Yorkers Against Fracking said in a statement. ‘Now, we’re urging Gov. Cuomo and the State Senate to stand up against the out-of-state oil and gas industry, and stand up for our state’s health, environment and long-term economy by rejecting fracking.’”

The New York Court of Appeals heard arguments earlier this month on the legality of municipal bans on fracking. If fracking bans enacted in Dryden and Middlefield are struck down in this case, drilling companies would still be subject to the current state-wide moratorium on fracking that will last until 2015. In the unlikely case that the New York Senate passes the new three year moratorium and it is approved by Governor Cuomo, fracking will still be prohibited in the state regardless of local regulation.