NOAA Proposes Permit Approval for Low Energy Research-related Seismic Survey in So. Atlantic

NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently announced that it is seeking comments by Thursday, Sept. 4 regarding its proposal to issue an incidental harassment authorization to the National Science Foundation and Antarctic Support Contract (on behalf of University of Texas at Austin and University of Memphis) to take 26 species of marine mammals by Level B harassment while conducting a low-energy seismic survey in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the South George and South Sandwich Islands and International Waters (high seas) in the Scotia Sea and southern Atlantic Ocean.

The proposed survey would be carried out in furtherance of the NSF-funded project on the “Role of Central Scotia Sea Floor and North Scotia Ridge in the Onset and Development of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.”

NMFS proposes to authorize the survey to occur between September and October 2014.