NMFS Begins 5-Year Status Review of Endangered Sperm Whale

NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has announced that it is seeking comments by Friday, November 7 on its initiation of a 5-year review to determine whether the listing of the sperm whale as endangered throughout its range is accurate (the sperm whale has been listed as such since 1970).  In the U.S., sperm whales are found offshore the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific, and Alaska coasts.

NMFS specifically seeks information relevant to the status of sperm whales that has become available since the last 5-year review of the species was conducted in 2009.  Categories of requested information include:

  • Species biology
  • Habitat conditions
  • Conservation measures that have been implemented that benefit the species
  • Status and trends of threats
  • Other new information, data, or corrections