NC Regulatory Hearings Draw Crowds

The North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission is holding a series of hearings on proposed oil and gas regulations and hundreds from the state have come out to attend and testify before the commission.

The Associated Press reports that “Nearly 400 people filled an auditorium at North Carolina State University for the first of four meetings during a comment period that lasts until the end of September. The state Mining and Energy Commission will analyze comments and consider revisions to the rules, which then must undergo a fiscal review before legislators have the final say.”

While many of the comments raised concerns about fracking, the AP also reports that “Michael Whatley, executive vice president of the Consumer Energy Alliance, said North Carolina manufacturers have been able to add jobs and expand operations because of affordable, domestic, natural gas.

‘The CEA strongly supports development of U.S. shale resources and applauds the efforts of the state to move forward with a sensible regulatory regime to oversee production of its energy resources,’ Whatley said.”