National Ocean Council Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary of National Ocean Policy

In a recently published blog post, White House National Ocean Council Co-Chairs Christy Goldfuss and Dr. John Holdren celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the National Ocean Policy by sharing their views on the “considerable progress” that has taken place since 2010 to “make this Policy a reality.”

Among other things, they note that the National Ocean Policy has accelerated “sub-national planning processes” (coastal and marine spatial planning) that will result in final Mid-Atlantic and Northeast marine plans by the end of the Obama Administration.

They also reference National Ocean Council efforts underway this summer to expand the role of the Governance Coordinating Committee by having its members serve as “ambassadors” to local communities and advise the National Ocean Council on future NOP efforts (GCC was established under National Ocean Policy as a body of state, tribal, and local government officials to coordinate with the National Ocean Council on interjurisdictional issues).