Marc Brown – Senior Director, State Affairs

Marc brings over twenty years of business, advocacy, and government affairs experience to HBW Resources.

Prior to joining HBW, Marc was Executive Director of the New England Ratepayers Association, a non-profit social welfare organization that advocates for policies, regulations, and projects that lower the costs of regulated utilities (electricity, natural gas, telecom, water) to consumers. Marc has testified on energy and telecom policies before local, state, and federal bodies; has intervened in dockets before state utility commissions, and has successfully filed petitions before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He has also appeared on numerous panels in New England and Washington DC discussing topics such as wholesale electricity market design; natural gas pipeline expansion; net metering and siting of electrical transmission infrastructure projects.

Marc has advised candidates for public office on energy, education, and small business regulations; and has represented the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers, technology companies, real estate developers, and trade associations at the state level. His past work also includes a stint at one of the most prominent non-profit public advocacy organizations in Washington, DC, developing grassroots campaigns focused on tax, education, and energy policy.

He holds a BA in Government and Politics from George Mason University and lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three children.