CBO report for Tax Reform Debate–US Multinationals

As Members of Congress attempt to deal with both the short-term and long-term budget challenges facing the US, both Democrats and Republicans admit that both budget cuts and tax reforms deserve serious consideration. On the spending side, Members have focused on the cost and sustainability of entitlement programs including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, as… More »

Capitol Hill/Washington Review and Items of Interest

Just a quick note on the API State of American Energy event yesterday: the event was great for who was in attendance but seemed more like someone reading stats from an annual report. However, the stats were really good and could be useful to us as talking points or for other publications we put out…. More »

Tuesday in DC

With Congress out of town, most of the speculation and news is surrounding the potential nominations of the next Administrator of the EPA–it is being reported that Gov. Christine Gregoire of Washington state will be announced soon. Jack Lew, Obama’s current COS, is also being considered to replace Tim Geithner at Treasury. The nomination of… More »