Helis Moves Forward on St. Tammany Project

Last week, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources issued a permit to Helis Oil & Gas to move forward on much-debated plans for a fracked well in the St. Tammany Parish. For the next step, Helis must receive a wetlands drilling permit for the area from the Army Corps of Engineers, who have already sent letters raising concerns about the project to the company.

According to The Washington Times, “The Corps’ first letter, dated Dec. 2, asked Helis to respond to several concerns about the controversial project that were brought up in public comments on the wetlands permit application. The second letter, dated Dec. 4, restated concerns that had been raised by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and also raised a new issue: whether Helis has adequate contingency plans in place for a major storm that causes flooding in the area, such as Hurricane Isaac in 2012.”