Cuomo: Fracking Study Expected Before End of 2014

In a debate on October 22, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he expects a report by the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Health examining the potential health impacts of fracking to be released by the end of the year.

Despite pushback from both environmentalists and mineral rights holders, Cuomo has indicated on multiple occasions that he will not make a decision on fracking until the results of the study are released.

“When it’s ready, it’s ready,” Cuomo said in regards to the much-anticipated report to The Buffalo News in September. “I’m not going to rush them.”

“As I’ve said 9,000 times, we’re going to do a study,” Cuomo went on to say. “If it’s safe then we go forward if the economic benefits outweigh the risks, and if it’s not safe, we don’t.”