Cove Point Protestors Gather at FERC

On July 14 more than 1,000 protestors gathered outside the doors of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to encourage federal officials to reject a proposal to construct an LNG export terminal at Cove Point, Maryland. Protestors’ concerns hinge on possible environmental and health risks associated with construction of such a unit.

According the Baltimore Sun, “Dominion [who is seeking approval for the project] projects exporting LNG through Cove Point will provide $40 million a year in tax revenues for Calvert County, create 75 permanent jobs and support thousands of construction jobs during the conversion of the little-used import terminal.”

“The Cove Point project received conditional approval in September 2013 from the Department of Energy, the agency that will make the final decision on whether the project will move forward. The final approval is pending FERC’s completion of an environment assessment and decision on whether Dominion can move forward with construction of the new facilities at the Cove Point site. An initial FERC assessment of the proposal was favorable for Dominion,” reports Before It’s News.

Over two dozen protestors were arrested at last Monday’s protest.