August 2015 Fracking Report

August 2015 Fracking Report Final Draft

New this month:

  • California: A proposed law in California could require warning labels for produce watered with recycled fracking wastewater despite a recent study that did not find “strong evidence of dangerous chemicals in the recycled water.”
  • Colorado: The Colorado Court of Appeals has passed along legal suits challenging Longmont’s fracking ban to the state Supreme Court, which has not determined whether or not it will accept the cases. Also, CO community activists have submitted wording for a proposed Colorado constitutional amendment that would allow local governments more power over oil and gas regulations and over the setting of a minimum wage.
  • Ohio: An anti-fracking group has filed suit against the Meigs County Commission, claiming that Commissioners illegally refused to place a community rights initiative banning fracking injection wells on a ballot for public vote.
  • Oklahoma: In an effort to reduce seismic activity in the state, regulators have implemented new regulations requiring operators to reduce the amount of wastewater injected underground back to 2012 levels.
  • Nevada: The Pentagon will spend $2 million in partnership with the state of Nevada in an effort to keep the greater sage grouse from being listed as an endangered species. The grouse’s endangered designation would block off large parts of its habitat, which spans several states, from oil and gas development.
  • Louisiana: Helis Oil & Gas faces yet another legal setback in its effort to receive a permit to drill in the St. Tammany Parish. Following the order of a judge, the state Department of Natural Resources’ Office of Conservation must provide more information on the decision-making that went into the initial approval of the permit.
  • Michigan: Activists continue to push a Sierra Club-backed effort to gather signatures for an anti-fracking ballot proposal to be placed on the November 2016 ballot. Organizers must gather at least 250,000 signatures by November 11, 2015 for the initiative to reach the ballot.